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Looking Back for Aug. 12, 2020

DeKalb Post Office and E. L. Mayo house (also called Elk's Club), 1924. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for providing the photo.
DeKalb Post Office and E. L. Mayo house (also called Elk's Club), 1924. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for providing the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

The Fisk Motor Company has had two men at work all day long putting in a new window glass in place of the old one which was cracked by a pebble flying from one of the tires of an automobile some time ago. The job is quite a big one as the glass is an extra-large and an easy thing to crack one of them. C. A. Anderson also put in a new window today replacing the one which has been cracked for some time.

Many complaints have been heard from various sources about the city and the condition of the benches and seats at Huntley park and the people are wondering why they have not been kept up as they always have in years past. A great many people have blamed the commissioner of public works for this condition and Mr. Goodison states he is not responsible for the state of affairs. The park had been taken out of the control of his office a couple of years ago and put in charge of the Woman’s Club. A sum of money is set aside every year for the upkeep.

At the meeting of the school board last evening it was decided upon unanimously that the board adopt the spiral fire escape system which is used by a large number of the larger schools in this part of the state. The escapes are to be put on the three city schools, the Ellwood, the Haish and the Glidden. It will probably take about ten days to install making about two months in all before the city will be able to meet an emergency in the way of fire. 

Tonsil cases at the hospital occupied a great deal of the time of the attendants this morning because of the fact that there were four who had their tonsils removed instead of the usual one or two. The children having the operation performed were Waite Embree, Evelyn Hiland, Marian Miller and Lilea Miller. All of the children are doing nicely and will be able to go to their homes this evening.

Knowing that parking space is so scarce, E. P. Ellwood had the ground next to the Fisk Motor Company graded and from now on this can be used by motorists to park their cars. The land before was nothing but a weed patch but the new arrangement will help to relieve one of the greatest problems the city is up against, the parking problem. The place is easily accessible and there is no doubt at all but what will be filled most of the time when the people learn they are allowed to park there.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

A DeKalb retailers schedule has been prepared which will be followed by the stores in this city when V-J Day is officially announced. This schedule will be followed unless President Truman, by his proclamation, sets aside a specific period celebration, in which case the retailer schedule will be disregarded and the president’s proclamation will be followed.

Activities at the Red Cross production centers in DeKalb will be resumed tomorrow after a vacation period the past few weeks. There is a rush order for knitted articles including V-neck sleeveless sweaters. Women are asked to call for the yarn, 50 pounds having been received at the sewing center.

Announcement has been made by Leta B. Mueller, librarian, that the Sycamore Public Library will be closed for a two week period, starting August 20. The Library will close next Monday and will not reopen until the day after Labor Day, September 4. Patrons of the library are reminded that they should secure enough books this week to last them through the closing period.

Hundreds of persons lined both sides of the street on the highway last evening from First to Seventh Streets to witness the children’s pet parade, the event proving to be a most successful venture. The parade was sponsored by the DeKalb merchants and the Recreation Committee. About 100 children participated having entered their pets which ranged from ponies to goldfish and turtles.

For some time the police have been having considerable trouble in keeping motorists from parking cars too near the fire doors and fire escape at the DeKalb Egyptian Theater. The greatest trouble seems to be on Saturday and Sunday nights when many cars are parked in the lot next to the theater, with many autos jammed right up to the fire doors and under the fire escape.

The DeKalb Lodge Loyal Order of Moose has purchased a portable iron lung from the Portable Life Saving Equipment Company of St. Louis, Mo. The new equipment now is at the fire station, where every member of the department will be taught how to use it.

LESLIE’S IGA Complete Food Market, 229 South First St. Be a regular customer, eat better, pay less. Shop at Leslie’s.

Illinois automobile license plates in 1946 will have white figures on a maroon background, Secretary of State Edward J. Barrett announced today. As for the past three years, the plates will be made of plastic to conserve war-needed metal.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

The city painters got around to repainting the Memorial Army Tank at the corner of Fourth and Lincoln Highway which is a credit to their energy, considering what an eyesore the splotched peace symbols were to passersby. Now the sidewalk superintendents are taking wagers on how long it will stay untouched by the peaceniks.

Two Genoa stores held grand opening celebrations over the weekend. Larson’s Department Store on Main Street opened its doors in May but held its official Grand Opening August 6-8. Balloons were handed out to the children, orchids to the ladies and pens to the gentlemen.

The Carson and Barnes Five Ring Wild Animal Circus begins tomorrow at the Sycamore Rodeo Grounds. Among the acts at the circus will be: The Marquez Sisters, who hang in the air by their teeth; trapeze artist Le Luciania; Castillos Troups, tight wire walkers, and other acts including jugglers.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

Residents of the DeKalb County Nursing Home enjoyed a ride on Waterman Railroad’s Husky Line last week at the Waterman Park. The nursing home activities department arranged the outing with railroad owner/operator Pete Robinson for the residents and plan more trips in the future. The train celebrated its one-year anniversary August 2nd.

Internet Hands-On – Northern Illinois University. What is Internet, how to connect to it. Use tools and resources and learn about E-mail, Network news, list servers, Telenet, FTP, Gopher, World Wide Web. Call to register.

Forty years ago, an antique steam engine rumbled through downtown DeKalb in the 1956 Centennial Parade. Few people could miss the massive 1921 Banting-Greyhound engine. According to one of the club’s founding members, Kathleen Levine, that parade entry was the beginning of the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club and its annual Threshing Bee and Steam Power Show, now in its 39th year.

Does your uniform still fit? That is the question World War II veterans have been asking each other as they prepare for Victory Day in Sycamore. Veterans are asked to wear any piece of uniform that still fits; however, there will not be an inspection.

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