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Looking Back for July 10, 2019

Little house on the Beelman lot in Somonauk, 1910. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Little house on the Beelman lot in Somonauk, 1910. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

William G. Eckhardt has received the charter for the DeKalb County National Farm Loan association details of which were told of some time ago, through the columns of The Chronicle. The purpose of the association is to help the farmer in every possible way, financially, and present conditions indicate that the DeKalb County farmers are going to take hold of the plan with the necessary vim that will mean success for the new association. The charter, which gives the association jurisdiction over DeKalb County is numbered 3796.

Carrol Marvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Marvin is having his troubles this week, due to a slight accident, which necessitated the services of a surgeon. The young man was operating a thread-cutting machine and as the shavings came from the pipe, a piece about the size of a darning needle and an inch long entered the thumb beneath the nail. This at first was given little thought until a second piece entered the thumb, and the two caused considerable pain. The attending surgeon put the workman on the table and removed the two pieces of steel, which was not the most pleasant thing to experience.

As there are fears that there will not be enough rooms available for students attending the summer school, all persons in DeKalb having suitable rooms to rent to the students, are requested to notify the Normal school office telling the number of rooms and the price.

A long freight train, going east had a small mishap here Sunday at noon time, and as a result there are a number of chickens about town today that are enjoying good corn. The train had stopped for the block and when attempting to get under way again, pulled one end of the car out, scattering several hundred bushels of corn about the right of way.

Watch for Charlie Chaplin and his wife, Mildred Harris, on the same bill soon at the Princess playhouse. It’s a double bill of big interest.

John McCann and his family made a trip to Malta the other evening, and coming to a big boulder in the middle of the road John thought he could easily straddle it with the car. However, when the excitement was all over, it was found that needed hurdles and also needed a new part to the crank case, and is now riding a bicycle and letting the family walk until the flivver gets repaired.

The DeKalb-Sycamore & Interurban traction company is now undergoing a series of repairs that when completed will put the line in first class condition.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Corn detasseling is more than just a job on the farm; it is helping to win the war by producing food, according to the farm labor assistant of DeKalb County. Unprecedented demands for manpower in the armed forces this year have depleted the farm labor supply, while the nation and allies are calling for increased production.

Herr Brothers, contractors in charge of the water main extension service here, recently completed a contract in the Turner Addition and now at work on the west side of town suffered their first major accident. Edmund Colravy, a son-in-law of one of the Herr Brothers, who is a school teacher by profession, but spends his summers working in ditches or on the machines, had his left leg broken yesterday before noon when the ditch on Ellen Street caved in. He will be compelled to remain in the hospital many days but it is the belief of the attending surgeon that the teacher will be able to take up his school duties the first of September.

For the first time in the history of Cub Pack 104, a camp fire program was held at the regular meeting of the unit held at Camp Rotary MacQueen. Twenty-six members of the unit were present for the meeting and had the opportunity of inspecting the camp. Many of the boys are planning to join the Scout organization when they reach the proper age.

A 22 year old man was arrested the first of the week by Chief of Police Carl Walter of Sandwich, following the burglarizing of the Nelson garage there. He has signed a confession in which he admits the robbery at the Norton Lumber office at Somonauk, and also entering the Gamble store in Sandwich. However, he denies forceful entrance to the Gamble store in Sandwich.

An S.O.S. is being sent out by the Red Cross sewing center in The Chronicle Building for women to assist in the making of hospital shirts and pajamas for men in service. The center is open every afternoon with the exception of Saturday and Sunday.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Construction of a $2.25 million, 16-story apartment building for DeKalb senior citizens should begin next month if the DeKalb City Council agrees with a recommendation made last night by the DeKalb City Planning Commission.

A Genoa lad reportedly had the wind knocked out of him when he was hit by a hose that burst during the water fights at the Genoa-Kingston Community Days celebration last night. The lad, Craig German, was taken into a neighboring home where he was checked for potential injuries and was later reported as being all right.

Neighbors plowed over a hundred acres of corn and beans at the Irwin Wascher farm. Mr. Wascher has been hospitalized at Sycamore and unable to work. Assisting were George Tindall, Lyndon Isham, Elmer Adee, Bob Berg, Ray Silvanus, and Wymor Wascher, son of the Irwin Waschers.

Registration cards for the free swimming program may now be picked up at the Sycamore pool office. The Red Cross swimming program offers free instruction to all children who will enter third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades in the coming school year. The fee will be paid for by the Red Cross Chapter and qualified Red Cross instructors are in charge of the classes.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

More than 70 Sycamore residents filled the city council chambers and overflowed into the hall to express their outrage over the proposed $450,000 agreement between the city and Brian Bemis.

The house at 222 W. Church St., Sandwich, will be used for training exercises by the Sandwich Fire Department for the next few weeks. Some streets may be closed and there may be activity and noise during the sessions.

Rex Daily, DeKalb, hit a hole-in-one Monday on the No. 6 hole at Buena Vista Golf Course.

Channel surfers may want to stop surfing for the next two weeks to check out the four new channels being added to Warner Cable’s lineup, bringing to 59 the total number of channels available to cable subscribers.

An inquest into the May death of a Genoa man who died of a gunshot wound to the head ended with the coroner’s jury finding that the manner of death is undetermined.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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