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Looking Back for June 26, 2019

Depot in unincorporated Rollo in Paw Paw Township, circa 1937. The station opened in 1886 on the Chicago North Western Spring Valley line. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Depot in unincorporated Rollo in Paw Paw Township, circa 1937. The station opened in 1886 on the Chicago North Western Spring Valley line. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

Elva Sunday school which was organized lately is growing steadily. Last Sunday 30 children were in attendance. Every child in Elva community is urged to attend and grown-ups also are invited.

Three loads of gypsies, traveling in two Ford trucks and a big Hudson car, put in an appearance here yesterday afternoon about one o’clock, but by two o’clock were on their way again. The city has forbidden this class of people to stop here long, especially forbidding the fortune-telling stunt peculiar to this class of people. One woman succeeded in getting some money from a man but later she was arrested and paid $10 and costs for the offense.

T. H. Roberts, assistant to W. G. Eckhardt, DeKalb County agricultural demonstrator, returned home last Thursday from a ten days’ trip through Illinois, visiting Urbans, Springfield and St. Louis. The agricultural experts are studying the problem of “Take All” in several wheat fields. Assistant Roberts is a graduate from Iowa Agricultural University and the youngest son of Banker and Mrs. Humphrey Roberts, of Waterman.

According to announcements made by Arthur C. Peck, of Sycamore, a bus line will be established between the two cities for the convenience of factory workers going to and fro. The county seat man states the plan is put forth to take care of the workers of the two cities, and due to the recent increase in rates by the electric company. It is not known at this time just when the new transportation service will be put into effect here.

A new porch 22 feet long, bungalow roof and roomy width is under construction at the Presbyterian parsonage in Waterman. Rev. and Mrs. E. Wygle are now occupying the place and suit their convenience, also making the rooms inside more modern, some doors and partitions have been changed.

The L. C. Schermerhorn team decided yesterday afternoon about 4:15 that it was barn time, and, without a driver started that way. Standing near the office the team rounded the corner, but became confused in directions, and ran onto the tracks instead, finally ending up near Seventh street, but not until after knocking a signal pole and switch from their moorings. Signal and switch men spent the most of the forenoon righting affairs there after the affair, but fortunately the horses were not injured.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Sycamore Community Honor Roll was placed yesterday at the city park on West State Street, and it is a beautiful piece of work, an addition to public property of which every citizen in Sycamore may well be proud. The installation crew arrived during the forenoon and within a short time, the three panels were placed. By an extra spurt on the part of the men, the glass was installed before the rainstorm, thus preventing damage.

Reports have been received that a small doe has been seen about the fields in the Victor Community, this being the first time that one has ever been noted in that locality. Although it has not been seen for the past few days it was noted in the fields at the S. J. Waldee farm and surrounding farms running and leaping over fences several days ago. It was described by the several who noted it as being about medium in size.

Books are still being gathered at the DeKalb Public Library to be sent to the camps of the armed forces. The demand for good books in the camps is still great and the work of gathering them is still being continued. Hundreds of books have been donated by residents of this community during the past couple of years to be used for this purpose but still more are needed.

Leonard McNew, twelve years of age and interested in his victory garden on Short Street, this morning brought to The Chronicle an odd radish which he had harvested. The regular radish was well formed, but where the root was expected to end there was another radish starting. The top radish was about normal size, the one lower down about half that size. Leonard said it was the only one of that type he could find in his plot, so he did not believe he could expect two radishes on every root.

Enrollment for summer school at the Northern Illinois State Teachers College stood at 238 this afternoon and few more, if any, enrollments are expected. The enrollment is 33 less than were registered for summer school last year when enrollment was 371. Only 26 men are at the college at the present time.

George Rollins, thistle commissioner for Cortland township is making his annual drive among the farmers concerning the treatment of the thistle patches. Everyone is to comply with the law by either cutting them themselves or hiring someone to cut them.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Reacting to a petition signed by 641 DeKalb residents, the DeKalb Park District Board decided to meet with the DeKalb School Board in an attempt to “save” the Ninth and Garden Street Playground. The residents are seeking to “save” the playground from being sold for a low-income housing development site.

The U. S. Post Office Department has revealed in a study released yesterday that there is a “definite need for improved and enlarged quarters” for the DeKalb Post Office.

The second flagpole at the DeKalb AgResearch, Inc. building on Sycamore Road is seldom without the flag of a visiting foreign delegation. With international representation in some 30 foreign countries, the DeKalb Ag acts as host to new delegations of visitors almost daily.

Several tons of steel beams and cross-structure came tumbling down at the site of the new Eagle Discount Supermarket, 1700 Sycamore Road. The framework for the new store collapsed during the brief rain and wind storm.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

DeKalb County and Orix Real Estate Equties Inc. officials are denying claims they are, or have renegotiated, the original sale price and terms they made on the pending sale of 75 acres of the county farm property located between Barber Greene and Sycamore Roads.

Critically injured patients from Kishwaukee Community Hospital have often been transferred to Rockford Memorial Hospital by helicopter, but now the hospital has another helicopter service available to the east. The Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove facility will be upgraded from a Level II trauma facility to a Level I and will be able to handle those patients with more life-threatening injuries.

Deer were spotted at dusk in the tall grass at Shabbona Lake State Park earlier this week. Deer are frequently seen in the park along with a variety of other wild animals and birds. The facility is a favorite spot for picnics, camping, fishing and hiking during the summer.

Sycamore residents will be able to enjoy some Mexican cuisine without going south to DeKalb, as Taco Bell is coming to the Sycamore Plaza. Taco Bell has purchased one of 11 lots in the Sycamore Plaza retail development. Sycamore Plaza is located on Route 23, across from the Blain’s Farm and Fleet Development.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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